Limoncello Liqueur Premix

Limoncello Essence

Limoncello liqueur is the second most popular liqueur in Italy. Traditionally, limoncello is made from the zest of Femminello St. Teresa lemons, The fresh aroma and taste of lemon makes an ideal refreshing summer drink.


Italiano Coffee Premix

Italiano Coffee Premix

This 17th century liqueur combines exotic Jamaican Rum with coffee and a hint of vanilla to give a true Italian…


Cherry Chocolate Premix

Samuel Willards Cherry Chocolate Liqueur

A blend of Cherry, Chocolate and Coconut this premix is the perfect dessert drink and is like a liquid Cherry Ripe chocolate bar. Enjoy Samuel Willards Cherry Chocolate Premix neat, with your favourite mixer or in cocktails.


Whisky Premix

Samuel Willards Whisky Liqueur

Blended with specially selected herbs and spices this whisky Premix is in the style of Drambuie and is a classic after dinner drink.


Turkish Delight Premix

Turkish Delight Essence

Turkish Delight is an amazing concoction. Shake well and enjoy the authentic flavour and texture of a Choc-Rose Liqueur. Best enjoyed neat over ice, or as mixer with lemonade, Milk or in Cocktails.


Honey Bourbon Premix

Honey Bourbon essence by Samuel Willard's

When you blend this exceptional fresh honey Bourbon, the smooth flavour cannot be resisted. Poured over a few ice blocks or with your favourite mixer.


Sambucca Premix

Sambucca Premix Essence base.

Our Star Sambuca Nero! Star Anise dominates this sweet and spicy Sambucca dating back to the 1800’s in Italy. There…


Kafe Premix

Kafe Premix Liqueur 375ml

Dense and sweet, with a distinct taste of coffee in the style of Kahlua, our Kafe premix base is used…


Irish Cream Premix

Irish Cream Premix Base 375ml

Rich and creamy in the style of the famous Bailey’s Irish Cream. Great by itself, over ice, or as an addition to coffee. Ideal in the layered shooter “Cowboy”, add 1 part cold Butterscotch Schnapps, one part Irish Cream.


Melon Liqueur Premix

Melon Premix Liqueur Base

Clear and brilliant green, Samuel Willard’s Melon Liqueur premix style of drink originated in Japan, where the word Midori means green. It’s great in drinks mixed with lemonade, fresh lemon, lime, pineapple or orange juice. Sour premix flavours balance its sweetness perfectly, especially over ice.