Premium White Rum

White Rum Essence - Samuel Willards

A dry light-bodied white rum lightly sweet in flavour yet crisp in the style of Bacardi. Great in cocktails and well suited to any fruit cocktails.


Premium Spiced Rum

Samuel Willard's Spiced Rum

Smooth medium bodied, Samuel Willard’s Premium Spiced Rum contains a blend of Caribbean rum and mellow spices to give a Captain Morgan style flavour. Enjoy with Cola, Dry Ginger or neat.


Premium Jamaican Dark Rum

Jamaican Dark Rum - Samuel Willards

A rich caramel colour, Jamaican Dark Rum gives a rich full flavour to create a Caribbean favourite. Enjoy with your favourite mixer, Squeeze of lime or over ice.


Premium Bombay Gin

A premium tasting Bombay Sapphire Gin with selected botanical ingredients, Samuel Willards Bombay Gin will make any Gin Cocktail or enjoy on its own and savour the distinctive juniper and floral flavours.


Premium Vodka

Premium Vodka - Samuel Willards

A superbly smooth, pure tasting classic Russian style premium vodka. Enjoy on its own with or without ice or ideal for cocktails & mixed drinks.


Premium Ambrosia Whisky

Samuel Willards Ambrosia Whisky

Single Malt Ambrosia Whisky Samuel Willard’s Premium Ambrosia Whisky it is a good, well balanced, single Malt Scotch Whiskey. The…


Premium Ouzo

A Beautiful taste of the Mediterranean Ouzo is a strong-flavoured Greek aniseed liquor. Drink neat or mixed with carbonated drinks.…


Premium Highlander Whisky

Premium Highlander Whiskey

Our Premium Highlander Whisky Essence Samuel Willard’s nod to Scots tradition has a rich, full-bodied nose and a perfect golden…