Gold Star Glycerin

Samuel Willard’s Glycerin essence is a smoothing agent that improves fullness and mouthfeel when added to flavored spirits. Odorless with…


Trinidad Rum

Gold Star Trinidad Rum

Samuel Willard’s Trinidad Rum has that special Caribbean style rum taste. The definitive flavour comes with a natural sugar-cane sweetness…


Wild Duck Bourbon

Gold Star Wild Duck Bourbon

Here’s one for the Bourbon drinkers in the style of the famous “Wild Turkey”. Typically drunk over ice with cola,…


White Rum

Gold Star White Rum

Samuel Willard’s White Rum is typical of many commercial light style Rums. The definitive flavour coupled with a general sweetness…


Waterloo Brandy

Gold Star Waterloo Brandy

This essence is mellow on the palate, with the expected additional aromas and flavour of a traditional french style Brandy.…


Tennessee Bourbon

Gold Star Tennessee Bourbon

In the style of its first cousin, Jack Daniel’s, Samuel Willard’s Tennessee Bourbon is brimming with richness and notes of…


Saint James Gin

Gold Star St. James Gin

In the Style of a classic London Dry Gin the predominant juniper content delivers a pleasing drink with citrus notes…


Single Malt Whisky

Gold Star Single Malt Whisky

Brilliant amber colour with aromas of oatmeal, brown sugar, dried fruits, honeyed nuts and a tinge of peat follow through.…